Top 7 South Lake Tahoe Beaches

Enjoy Tahoe’s Deep Blue Water

Even though Lake Tahoe is in the mountains, it’s a beach-lover’s paradise. If you’re staying in the South Lake Tahoe area, there are many incredible beaches and lakeside spots to visit. Of course, some are better than others based on access, amenities, watersports activities, and mountain views. Here are some of our favorite South Lake Tahoe beaches, as well as some local tips and recommendations on how to best experience these pieces of paradise.

Lake Tahoe Kayaking

1. Thomas F. Regan Memorial City Beach 

The spectacular lake views and shallow swimming water make Thomas F Regan Memorial City Beach a must-see spot in South Lake Tahoe. This city-owned beach is actually South Lake Tahoe’s oldest public beach facility and keeps visitors coming back year after year. Regan Beach is a hot spot for kayaking, picnicking, and private events (you can rent space here for a fee through the City for family gatherings or parties). And we can’t forget to mention it’s also home to the City’s only water dog park! 

Thomas F. Regan Memorial City Beach Amenities:

Concession stand, playground, group facilities for rent, available shade structures, volleyball courts, public bathrooms.

Dogs are allowed with restrictions on Regan Beach.

Thomas F. Regan Memorial City Beach Location: 

You can’t beat the central location of this beach located at 3199 Sacramento Avenue. 

Some of Our Homes Near Regan Beach: 

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Kayaking in South Lake Tahoe

2. Baldwin Beach

With over half a mile of shoreline, Emerald Bay kayaking opportunities, and breathtaking Sierra views, Baldwin Beach is nothing short of one of South Lake Tahoe’s finest. With easy access from the parking lot, your family can head straight to the sand, set down your umbrellas and spend the day swimming, kayaking, picnicking or just doing a little of nothing. 

Baldwin Beach Amenities:

Easy accessibility, onsite paddleboard and kayak rentals, BBQs, picnic tables, public bathrooms, and paid parking. No dogs are allowed on Baldwin Beach.

Baldwin Beach Location:

Along State Highway 89, Baldwin Beach is located 4 miles outside of South Lake Tahoe city limits. 

Some of Our Homes Near Baldwin Beach: 

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3. Tahoe Keys Beach

The Tahoe Keys are a 740-acre community located along a system of private channels and waterways that lead straight to the lake. Tahoe Keys is a perfect location for partaking in all your favorite summer activities as the water is right outside your door! The beautiful Pavillon Beach at Tahoe Keys is a private beach for all those staying or living in this waterfront community. Once you bring your ID, copy of your rental agreement, and pay the small daily or weekly fee you’ll have access to the amazing view. 

Tahoe Keys Beach Amenities:

Located on or near the beach - picnic areas, tennis courts (with additional fee), beach volleyball court, outdoor pool (included with beach fee). Dogs are allowed on the beach if they remain on a leash.

Tahoe Keys Beach Location:

The Tahoe Keys Pavilion is where the beach access is located: 356 Ala Wai Boulevard.

Some of Our Homes Near Tahoe Keys Beach: 

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4. Lakeland Village Beach 

Those seeking a more private beach experience should look no further than Lakeland Village Beach and Mountain Resort. This condominium complex has its own sandy beach and boat pier onsite. With complimentary BBQs and fire pits, a volleyball court, and a beachside snack bar, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. 

Lakeland Village Beach Amenities:

Private beach, pool access, tennis court access, paddle board rentals, volleyball courts, snack bar, beach BBQs and beach fire pits.

Dogs are not allowed at Lakeland Village.

Lakeland Village Beach Location:

Located right on the Lake at 3535 Lake Tahoe Blvd. 

Some of Our Homes Near Tahoe Keys Beach: 

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Lake Tahoe SUP

5. El Dorado Beach at Lakeview Commons 

Located in the beautiful Lake Forest Beach Park, El Dorado Beach is a popular spot for birdwatching, and natural sightseeing. Take a dip in the water, wind surf, or play horseshoes in the sand. This beach has a boat ramp and is open all year around (depending on water levels). Another great thing about El Dorado beach - free parking!

El Dorado Beach Amenities:

Picnic tables, public bathrooms, shade structures, free parking. Dog’s are not allowed on El Dorado Beach. The closest dog friendly shoreline is Regan beach which is down the road.

El Dorado Beach Location:

Located just down the road from Regan Beach at 1004 Lakeview Avenue. 

Some of Our Homes Near El Dorado Beach: 

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6. Kiva Beach

This 200 yards of narrow, sandy shoreline is home to some unique vegetation including willows, lodgepole pine, marsh grass, quaking aspen, and Tahoe Yellow Cress plant. Kiva Beach, also known by many as Tallac Point, includes an unmaintained shoreline trail to the Tallac Historic Site. Although this beach is public and free of charge it is gated and only open memorial day week through October. The wildlife, rugged shoreline, and mountain views make this beach a must see for nature lovers. 

Kiva Beach Amenities:

Public Bathrooms, Available shade, dogs are allowed with restrictions on Kiva Beach. 

Kiva Beach Location:

Kiva beach does not have a physical address. There is road access from Fallen Leaf Road at Highway 89 at the Tallac Historic Site sign. Go left to Kiva Parking. 

Some of Our Homes Near Kiva Beach: 

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7. Lakeside Beach  

This beautiful beach option is convenient to homes, shops, and the California/Nevada Stateline. Lakeside Beach has it all, a restaurant, playgrounds, picnic tables, a volleyball net and a lifeguard. After relaxing in the sand or playing beach volleyball with your family take a snack break at the adjacent Beach House Grill. 

Lakeside Beach Amenities:

Bathrooms, picnic tables, volleyball net, nearby marina, children's play equipment, umbrella and chair rental, lifeguard

Dogs are not allowed on  Lakeside Beach. 

Lakeside Beach Location:

Located at 4081 Lakeshore Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Some of Our Homes Near Lakeside Beach: 

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