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Property managers who value cleanliness, communication, and protecting your investment

We Know Tahoe Woods Like the Back of Our Hand

We've been managing vacation homes in Tahoe Woods since they were built. Our first unit, #201, joined our portfolio in 2015, when the units were still under construction. As the longest-tenured property management company in Tahoe Woods, we are known for our excellent revenue generation, quality home maintenance and housekeeping, thorough guest screening, and continuous owner communications. Let us fill up your booking calendar, and feel good knowing your Tahoe Woods home is in the very best hands.

Experience that Matters

After many years managing units at Tahoe Woods, we understand all the nuances and issues that have occurred over the years. From finicky LG air conditioning units, leaking sprinklers and jetted tubs, to deck reconstruction–we have seen it all. When our owners or guests call to report an issue, we have immediate answers. As one of the first property management companies in the complex, we are known as the go-to resource for all things Tahoe Woods.   

 An Integral Part of the Community

Strong relationships with the board members of a homeowners association (HOA) is a crucial element in successfully managing vacation rentals, especially in a tight-knit community like Tahoe Woods. When property managers have an open line of communication with board members, it’s easier to stay informed about current and upcoming HOA policies. This can prevent violations and potential fines or disputes arising from changes in policies, ensuring your vacation rental remains in good standing. In fact, we currently manage homes for several of the Tahoe Woods board members.


Maximizing Revenue

Let’s be clear. The reason you opted to rent your home to travelers is for the income. You can be sure that RnR Vacation Rentals will earn more money for you than any other vacation rental company. Even though we have a higher commission rate than most, our sophisticated pricing model paired with excellent marketing will ensure a packed calendar and higher nightly rates, delivering a hefty check every month.

Maintaining your Investment

How do we balance high volume guest traffic AND make sure that when you visit your home, it is well-maintained and exactly how you left it?  Our secret lies in the number and quality of employees on our team. We have the highest employee-to-home ratio than any other property manager in South Lake Tahoe. These local and permanent RnR employees are there to clean, inspect, and maintain your home before and after every single guest. We have diligent guest screening to eliminate the partiers, and an amazing guest services team to support our guests while in your home. Our 5-star reviews reflect the care that we take for each and every home we manage.


Things To Consider When Choosing A New Property Manager

As you are making your decision on which property manager to choose, ask these questions:

  • Will my home be available on the highest volume sites and with optimized pricing?
  • Will I have a local point of contact?
  • How will you make sure we have good guests in our home?
  • Who responds to guest calls in the middle of the night?
  • Will you be sharing guest online reviews with me?
  • Who will be my housekeeper, and will they be the same each time?
  • What am I charged for cleaning when I stay in the home?
  • How will damages be reported and repaired?
  • Do you supply the sheets and towels at no charge?

Time and time again, we hear the same concerns from homeowners who have chosen a different property manager; “They didn’t report this was missing.” “We didn’t know this was damaged or needed replacing.” “We can’t believe they consider this clean!” “We’ve already received 2 citations, and we can’t afford to host another bad guest."



"The consistent five-star reviews our home receives are a direct result of RnR's meticulous approach to property management. They help us stay ahead of guest expectations, ensuring our home remains the pinnacle experience for guests looking for South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals."

- Ann Lagurlund


“I have had experience with two other management companies prior to switching to RnR. It was the best decision I made. The quality of our guests, the care of my home, their attention to the market and pricing all improved my bottom line. They worked closely with me to ensure a smart and smooth transition. The management fee is worth every penny. I don’t know why other owners would choose someone else.”

- Jean Larson


"We have trusted RnR with our home for 10 years. Their commitment to maintenance and guest screening has ensured our property is always guest-ready and respected."

- Jason Richard

"RnR's management of my two units has been nothing short of amazing. Their performance in bookings and revenue consistently surpasses the competition. I diligently compare the performance of my units to others in Tahoe Woods, and RnR consistently outperforms other homes. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help manage my investment."

- Matt Ratta

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