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Check out articles written by the press, magazine outlets, and other publications that have stayed with us here in South Lake Tahoe. You'll quickly see why RnR Vacation Rentals is the perfect option for your next Tahoe vacation or workcation!

From Freshies to Yard Sale: Decode Ski Slang & Experience Lake Tahoe’s Winter Wonderland

Planning a ski trip and want to sound like a pro? Get familiar with Ski Slang and practice it on the snowy slopes of South Lake Tahoe. RnR Vacation Rentals offers ideal homes for long stays, allowing guests to immerse in the skiing culture and enjoy close proximity to some of the world's best “freshies” or untouched, powdery snow runs. Some terms to familiarize yourself with include "Chowder" for choppy snow, "Little Ripper" for young trail-blazers, and "Yard Sale" for a scattered gear fallout after a fall. As the trend shifts towards extended "workcations" post-pandemic, RnR’s properties are equipped to cater to families and remote workers, blending the luxury of a getaway with the convenience of home. 


Click here to read the full article from Drift Travel Magazine. 

Coastal Grower - Escaping to Pristine Lake Tahoe

Mike Hale of Coastal Grower uses the words of Mark Twain to describe Lake Tahoe as the "fairest pricture the whole Earth affords." In his article, Hale tells the story of RnR Vacation Rentals's co-owners Stu and Diana Roberson and how returning to their roots after years in Silicon Valley led them to founding the rental management company they own and operate today.


Click here to read the full article on pages 50-51 of the Summer 2022 publication. 

Edible Reno-Tahoe - Your Own Place at the Lake!

RnR Vacation Rental's very own Stu and Diana Roberson share the benefits of working remotely in beautiful South Lake Tahoe from an Extended Stay Vacation Rental. They invite you to settle in and stay a while, explaining, "Without the daily commute, you can actually consider nature walks, family game nights, outdoor adventures, challenging new hobbies, and a renewed appreciation for your family and friends."


Click here to read the article on Edible Reno-Tahoe's webite.

San Francisco Magazine - Road Work

Michael McCarthy of San Francisco Magazine celebrates Lake Tahoe as destination beckoning Bay Area professionals to embrace the workation trend of being productive while working remotely for extended periods of time. In his words, "It's the type of place where renters will feel like a local--and have up to three months to savor it all in between Zoom meetings and deadlines." 


Click here to read the full article on pages 97-98 of San Fancisco Magazine, July 2022 publication.

Silicon Valley Magazine - Road Work

Michael McCarthy shares his appreciation of Lake Tahoe and RnR Vacation Rentals with Silicon Valley Magazine, highlighitng the innovative ways Stu and Diana Roberson, owners of RnR, integreate their technology backgrounds into the operations of their vacation rental managment company. 


Click here to read the full article on pages 74-75 of Silicon Valley Magazine, July 2022 publication.

San Francisco Chronical - Laptop luggers eager to enjoy unique workspaces, fun activities on workcations

Jeanne Cooper of the San Francisco Chronicle describes "taking your work where you'd also like to play" as a travel trend on the rise. In this article, Cooper highlights RnR Vacation Rentals' South Lake Tahoe homes as excllent options for working during the day while also squeezing in outdoor recreation between meetings. 


Click here to read the full article on page S4 of the Sunday, June 5, 2022 publication. 

Tahoe Weekly - A Tahoe Workcation: Balancing Work and Fun

Katherine Hill, Tahoe Weekly's Publisher and Editor in Chief, took a work vacation in one of our Tahoe Keys rentals over the course of a few days. In this article, Hill compares the experience of workcations versus taking on extra up-front work before a traditional vacation, and she describes her "relaxing and fruitful routine" working away from home. 


Click here to read the article on Tahoe Weekly's website, or check out the full digital magazine (article on page 10).

SFGATE - 6 Lake Tahoe cabin rentals you can escape to for a quiet weekend

Lesley Chen of SFGATE gives a shout out to our very own Craig's Cozy Cabin, describing it as an updated woodsy retreat in one of South Tahoe's very first neighborhoods. Stay for 30 to 90 days, enjoying the excellent ammenities and proximity to the Lake.


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