3 Ways We Work to Keep Lake Tahoe Blue

Here at RnR Vacation Rentals, we are proud to be the first vacation rental company in South Lake Tahoe to join the list of Keep Tahoe Blue Corporate Sponsors. Since we started back in 2013, our mission has been simple - “be the best little company in the world”. We are passionate about sharing the beauty of Lake Tahoe with visitors from across the globe and in order to do that for years to come we are committed to preserving our lake. 

As corporate sponsors with The League to Save Lake Tahoe (an incredible SLT-based organization that works tirelessly to “Keep Tahoe Blue”), we strive to make a difference with every guest that stays at an RnR home. Here are 3 ways RnR keeps Lake Tahoe blue. 


RNR Toiletries

Annual 4th of July Beach Clean-up  

After Tahoe’s July 4th celebrations, our beaches become littered with trash which threatens wildlife and lake clarity. Each year, hundreds of Tahoe residents and visitors turn out for the Keep Tahoe Red, White, and Blue Beach Clean-up hosted by The League to Save Lake Tahoe. This is the largest cleanup of the year and RnR is a business partner. If you visit Tahoe for the 4th join us at one of the cleanup sites at Kiva or Regan Beach! 

Fighting Plastic Pollution with Reusable Toiletry Bottles 

In 2018 plastic waste in the US increased by 5 percent which is why here at RnR we work to reduce plastic waste whenever possible. We were proud to implement our refillable toiletry bottle initiative. Instead of providing individual disposable shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles we have sustainable bottles that can be refilled with every guest. In the three years of using refillable bottles we've stopped tens of thousands of plastic bottles from making their way to the landfill.  

Reusable Blue Bags

Just last year, we hosted over 2,000 groups in our homes and each guest that stayed with us received a reusable grocery bag to cut down on plastics during their stay. The illustration of the lake and all the things we love to do there serves as a reminder as to why we must all do our part to protect our natural environment. We encourage guests to take this bag and use it at home too.