3 Golden Rules of Sledding in Tahoe

And where to find winter fun for the whole family!

Here in South Lake Tahoe the snow gods have finally answered our prayers! This means endless opportunities for fun snowy activities that the whole family will love, including sledding. RnR Vacation Rentals would love to help you get the most out of your vacation and help you book your dream vacation home or ski lease. Our team members are here to help. Here are some great resources to find safe sledding locations near you:

Adventure Mountain 

This is an epic 40-acre tubing and sledding park for your family to enjoy. Adventure mountains offers 18 machine groomed sledding or tubing lanes for every level to enjoy! This resort is a 20 minute drive from our Cornelian Family Adventure!As well as close proximity to Pine Tree Paradise



Sierra-at-Tahoe has awesome tubing opportunities for you and your family or friends to enjoy. There are even tubing lifts at this resort! This resort is a 22 minute drive from our Tahoe Flyer home and 20 minutes from Family Favorite!



This is brand new tubing park is in Meyers! Groomed lanes and tons of awesome runs! This resort is walking distance  to Blackfoot Family Estate and Blackfoot Luxury Retreat!


Hansens Resort

This sweet little snow tube run in the middle of town is approximately 400 ft long and is fun for all ages. There is a trail up the side of the run to hike up. Runs are groomed daily, with high "walls" and a small hill below to stop you. There is parking & toilets for your convenience. Conveniently located close to Heavenly Mountain Gem!


State Snow Parks

There are state snow parks available for sledding with a permit. Make sure to purchase your permit online beforehand and have it visible on the dash of your car, then enjoy the snow!


Taylor Creek

Taylor creek is west of Highway 89, north of Camp Richardson. Make sure to check out their website to confirm availability.

When you set out on your sledding or tubing adventure, be sure to follow the 3 golden rules:


1. Follow Parking Laws


South Lake Tahoe California Highway Patrol have already issued 532 parking citations this winter since the first snowfall! Give them a rest (and avoid getting a ticket) by paying close attention to all traffic signs. In South Lake Tahoe there is no street parking. 


The cost of an illegal parking ticket can be up to $50 while a tow will cost you up to $300. There’s nothing worse than getting towed in the snow and left to foot the bill!

2. No Trespassing


Just because there’s snow everywhere, doesn’t mean there is sledding everywhere! You can avoid sledding in someone's backyard accidentally by sticking to designated sledding areas.

3. Keep Tahoe Blue


Lastly, help us protect Lake Tahoe for future generations. Wherever you go, always remember the golden rule of adventuring: “Pack it in and pack it out!” It is your responsibility to take care of the trash that you bring to a location. 


We hope you have a blast enjoying the winter wonderland that is Lake Tahoe!