RnR Advantage Plan

RnR Advantage Plan™

We want you to fully enjoy your time in Tahoe. Why worry about minor accidental damage during your stay or the inconvenience of something not working? With The RnR Advantage Plan, we’ll pay for minor damage, provide compensation for failure of a major appliance, and provide you with 24/7 on-call support with free home visits.


Accidental Damage: If items in the home are accidentally damaged during your stay, RnR will pay to replace or repair damages up to a value of $1,000. Examples of covered items include: carpet spots, stained linens and towels, tableware, broken glasses/coffee mugs, decorative items, furniture damage, wall scratches or dents, flooring damage, broken window shades, sporting equipment, board games, and gaming equipment such as pool cues. Guests are responsible for all accidental damage over $1000.  What is not covered: Damage resulting from negligence, misuse, intoxication,  not complying with rules of the residence, intentional acts, any damage from a pet, not securing the home from entry by people/animals, and other non-accidental causes.


Major Appliance promise: No one can predict a refrigerator or hot tub failing. If any appliance does fail, you can rest assured RnR Vacation Rentals will do everything we can to get it working for you. But what if it takes more than 24 hours? We recognize this as a big inconvenience, and commit to provide compensation in the form of reduced rent for each day a major appliance or hot tub does not work.


On-call 24/7 support with free home visits: We are available 24/7 for phone support regarding any issues that may arise during guest stays. If we are unable to troubleshoot issues over the phone, we will immediately send a technician to the home, or if you would rather, we will schedule an appointment for the guest’s preferred day/time. For urgent needs, we will arrive within one hour (barring traffic or weather).


Your satisfaction is important to us and we hope this plan helps you enjoy your stay to the fullest. More details can be found in our rental agreement.


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