Lake Tahoe Water Activities

Activities And Things To Do On The Water In South Lake Tahoe

As one of the nation's largest lakes, Tahoe of course offers up a great selection of water activities. Whether you're looking for something fast and thrilling, or slow and casual, Lake Tahoe has you covered with it's many fun water activities.

Read on below to discover water activities you can try in South Lake Tahoe during the summer season. Also, be sure to book your South Lake Tahoe stay with RnR in one of our waterfront vacation homes!

Water Skiing And Wakeboarding

A classic summer lake activity, water skiing and/or wakeboarding at South Lake Tahoe is a must for anyone visiting during the warmer months! The whole family will love the thrills of heading out on a boat and standing up on the skis or board whilst being towed across the glassy Lake Tahoe water.


Here in South Lake Tahoe, you can take water skiing and wakeboarding lessons, charter a boat to take you out for the day, or take to the water with your own gear and equipment. If you go for the latter option, just be sure you're familiar with Lake Tahoe's boating regulations so that everyone stays safe while having a great time on the water


Check out the Action Watersports website to find great water skiing and wakeboarding outfitters.

Parasailing In Lake Tahoe


At Lake Tahoe, you can take in the lake's spectacular scenery from high up in the air on a parasailing adventure! There is no better place to try parasailing for the first or hundreth time due to Tahoe's vast size and safe waters to glide above.


After the initial adrenaline rush of ascending to 500+ feet above the surface of the water, you'll feel overcome with a wave of tranquility as you get the ultimate bird-eye-view leisurely soaring through the air. Even those uncomfortable with heights nearly always come away from the parasailing experience wanting to go right back up!


Head to this Tahoe Sports pagee to learn more about parasailing in South Lake Tahoe and discover where you can sign up to try it out yourself!

Single Kayak Floating On Clear Lake Tahoe Water

Kayaking And Paddleboarding

If you're looking for a non-motorized means of enjoying Lake Tahoe's soothing waters, then you've got to jump on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Both offer great ways of getting out on the water, and each provides its own unique and fun experience.


Those just wanting a nice, stable craft should look at renting a kayak. These sleek and slender crafts glide across the lake with ease and are the best option for traveling longer distances. Although they require a bit more effort to control than kayaks, stand-up paddleboards are also a ton fun to cruise around in at Lake Tahoe. Kids especially will love paddling around and getting into the occassional splash fights on their paddleboards. 


Whichever option you go for, you're sure to have a great time exploring Lake Tahoe by water. You can find a few great spots to take kayaks or paddleboards at this Tahoe South blog. Also, you can discover places to rent kayaks and paddleboards here.