Extended Stay Rental Agreement

For our Short Term Rental Agreement (less than 30 days), click here. The Extended Stay Rental Agreement (30-90 days) is below.


This Vacation Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between RnR Vacation

Rentals, LP (“Lessor”) and Guest (“Occupant”). PROPERTY. This Agreement is for the short-term occupancy of the property described on the listing site.


 Maximum Occupancy cited on the listing site may never be exceeded at any time day or night.

 Maximum Parking cited on the listing site may never be exceeded.


TERM. The Term shall commence on the Check-in Date, and shall terminate on the Check-out Date. Occupant agrees to strictly abide by all terms of this Agreement including occupancy, parking, check-in and check-out times, as well as all check-in and check-out instructions and rules and responsibilities at all times the Property is available to Occupant.




 Check-In Procedures: Check-in time is 4:00 PM or later. Prior to arrival, Lessor will send to Occupant instructions regarding access to the Property. Upon entering the Property, Occupant agrees to follow all check-in procedures provided by Lessor, to examine the condition of the Property, and to immediately notify Lessor by email or a phone call if the Property or any of its contents are not in operating condition or are in disrepair.

 Check-Out Procedures: Check-out time is 10:00 AM or earlier. Occupant shall review and comply with all check-out procedures provided by Lessor. Occupant shall leave the Property in the same condition as existed upon check-in.

 Early Check-In or Late Check-out Requests: Requests for early check-in or a late checkout may be granted at Lessor’s sole discretion. All requests must be made 48-hours prior to the change in arrival or departure time. Extra fees will apply. For early arrivals or late checkouts that do not have prior written approval, Occupant will pay $125 per hour. Additional charges for holdover beyond 2 hours will apply.

 Forgotten Items: Lessor shall not be responsible or liable under any circumstances for any personal belongings, valuables or other items left at the Property. If any such items are located, Lessor will undertake reasonable efforts to notify Occupant and to return them at Occupant’s cost. Lessor shall not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any such items (in whole or in part), and this shall apply without limitation, to Lessor’s efforts in locating, holding, or returning any such items.


B. CLEANING: Occupant agrees to allow Lessor to inspect and clean the Interior and Exterior of the home within 48 hours of every fifteen (15) days of their stay. Lessor’s intent is to ensure the integrity of the home, evaluate any reported or unreported damage, verify the home is being well maintained and cleaned, and complete a routine cleaning. Mid-stay cleanings will be scheduled prior to arrival. Occupant will leave the home in good condition including cleaning all cookware and dishes, clean all tables and counter surfaces, cleanup spills, clean all dog hair and droppings (if dog approved), gather all trash inside and outside of the home and place in garbage receptacles. Occupant’s cleaning fee provides for typical cleaning by Lessor. The Property will be cleaned before the Occupant’s arrival, and after departure. If additional, non-typical  cleaning is required after the Occupant's stay, Occupant will be charged for the extra time/costs at a rate of $60 per hour.



We have very nice, year-round neighbors. They understand that you are here on vacation and want you to have fun. Please respect their privacy and right to peace and quiet. The city and county have implemented strict policies to ensure visitors and residents alike enjoy the beauty of Tahoe. Comply with the city's rules and everyone will be happy. Fines exceeding $2000 will be issued for violating the city's ordinance. In summary:

 Do not exceed the approved occupancy stipulated on this listing site at any time day or night

 Never park on any city street including in front of the vacation rental or any neighbors' property. Only park on paved driveways or in the garage (if available)

 Do not exceed the approved parking stipulated on this listing site any time day or night

 Observe the 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM quiet hours (no noise outside the home) and keep your voices to a reasonable level at all hours. In the summer, be aware that open windows mean your voices will carry.

 Never leave trash outside the home unless it is in an approved "bear box" or trash bin.

 Do not pitch a tent or otherwise camp outside

 Private hot tubs may not be used at all between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM

 Fines of $1,000 or more may be issued by the city or county for violating any of the terms above, plus you will be responsible for paying any fines assessed to the homeowner for your violation, including but not limited to $1,000 by the city and up to $1000 by the Property Owner's Association.



 Maximum Occupancy: Occupant understands and agrees that the Maximum Occupancy limit stipulated on the listing site includes children and infants, is strictly enforced, and shall not be exceeded at any time day or night during the Term without the express written authorization of Lessor in advance.

 Parking Restrictions: Occupant understands and agrees to the parking restrictions stipulated on the listing site. Maximum parking may never be exceeded. The cityprohibits parking on any city street or unpaved service at or near the home. Parking or using RVs, trailers, motorhomes, and boats is prohibited on the property or on local streets. Occupant will also pay any citations or fines issued to the owner or Lessor as a result of


Occupant violations.

 Meaning of Occupant: Any duties, obligations, restrictions, or other provisions applicable to “Occupant” hereunder shall apply equally and individually to each Co-Occupant including any guests or visitors of Occupant, whether or not such persons are authorized to be present on the Property. Occupant and each Co-Occupant shall be jointly and severally liable for any breaches of this Agreement and any and all resulting damages or losses.



 The person signing this agreement must be 25 years of age or older and must be an Occupant throughout the Term.



 Noise/Parties are not allowed: Excessive noise, rowdy behavior, loud music or other nuisances will not be tolerated by neighbors or Lessor at any time. Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM and are strictly enforced. Occupant expressly acknowledges and agrees that parties, excessive noise, or other similar disturbances can cause irreparable damage to Lessor’s business and its relations with neighbors, and agrees to pay all fines and fees and risks termination of the agreement as outlined herein as a Breach or Violation by Occupant.

 Applicable Laws: Occupant shall fully comply with all local, state, and federal laws while staying at the Property, including, without limitation, all association rules and city and county ordinances. Occupant acknowledges that it is Occupant’s responsibility to know, understand, and abide by all such laws and regulations.

 Additional Rules & Restrictions: Occupant agrees to strictly abide to these and any other rules or restrictions for the Property or at any time provided to Occupant.o Report any problems with the property immediately to our service team. Do not call vendors for servicing.

o Accidental damage must be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.

o Smoking of any substance is not allowed in any part of the home, or on any deck. Minimum $250 fine plus extra cleaning/damage costs.

o If a hot tub is provided, it must not be set above 101 degrees F and the provided cover and lock must be secured whenever the hot tub is not in use.

o Do not open locked owner’s closets/garages/storage shed(s).

o Do not move or change wiring to any TV, Stereo, or AV/Game equipment. Any cost to rewire or connect the equipment will be charged to your credit card on file with a $50 minimum.

o Do not let children use recreational equipment or hot tub (if available) without adult supervision.

o Report and repair damage if possible to any equipment such as bikes, toys or kayaks.

o Garbage must not be left outside the home at any tear. In addition, Occupant shall notify Lessor immediately of any new problems, damage, inoperability, malfunction or other issue at the Property, or if any fire alarm "chirps” or has a low battery condition, by phone. Lessor will make reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. There shall be no refunds, credits, or rent reductions in the event of any such failure or malfunction. Should repair personnel be called out to a unit and discover the equipment is in working order or the problem was due to Occupant’s oversight or neglect, Occupant shall be responsible for the service charge. Occupant shall pay for all damage resulting from a failure to report a problem, malfunction, or other issue in a timely manner.


E. ENTRY AND INSPECTION: Both Lessor and the owner of the Property (or its agents) shall have the right to enter the Property at any time (i) to enforce the terms of this Agreement; (ii) in case of emergency; (iii) to verify that the terms of this Agreement are being met; (iv) to exhibit the Property to prospective or actual purchasers, renters, workman, repairmen, guests, or contractors; or (v) when Occupant has abandoned or surrendered the Property. While Lessor will engage in reasonable efforts to notify Occupant beforehand, no prior notice shall be required and Occupant’s non-permission shall not preclude entry.



 If dogs are allowed, you must receive pre-approval and pay an extra pet fee prior to your arrival. Bringing a dog without pre-approval will result in a $500 fine,

 If dogs are not allowed at this home and you bring a dog, a $500 fine will be assessed and this agreement may be terminated by Lessor.

 Dogs are never allowed on furniture or beds. There will be an extra charge for hair found on bed linens or on furniture, $60 minimum, $60/hour to clean.

 Dogs are not allowed to be left alone inside or outside the home unless they are crate trained and in a crate. If you plan to leave the home, and cannot take your dog with you, you will need to make arrangements to have someone stay at the home with your dog or board the dog at a kennel. Leaving a dog at the home unattended or not in a crate if the dog is crate trained in advance, will result in a fine of $2500 for each occurrence.

 Occupant is financially responsible for all damages and lost rent as a result of bringing their dog.

 Occupant must pick up all droppings before departure or pay a $50 doggie clean-up fee.

 Dogs that are aggressive or may have a propensity for violence are never allowed. Occupant may not bring any such dog into the home or onto the property at any time. This includes but is not limited to Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Chows, Great Danes, Presa Canarios, and Akitas.

 No other animals of any type are ever allowed in the home or on the property, including but not limited to cats, birds, snakes, fish, chinchillas, or any other type of animal. Bringing any animal other than an approved dog will result in a $500 fee and eviction if the animal is not immediately removed.



DAMAGE OR LOSS TO THE PROPERTY BY THE OCCUPANT Occupant shall be financially responsible for any damage caused to the Property, or resulting from Occupant’s negligence or any breaches of this Agreement, and shall be responsible for any repair or replacement costs. This shall include, without limitation, any damage to landscaping, walls, furniture, appliances, cabinets, surfaces, stains/watermarks or scarring of floor surfaces, sheets, towels, bedding, items provided for your use, and misuse of appliances, equipment, and furnishings. Occupant shall be responsible for any items that are missing, lost or stolen from the 

Property during Occupant’s stay, and shall be responsible for any plumbing stoppages or blockages, unless caused by defective plumbing parts or fixtures, or invading tree roots. RnR Advantage Plan: Part of your Reservation Fees includes the RnR Advantage plan to help offset costs to the Occupant for accidental damage or appliance failures during the stay. The fee paid is non-refundable. Accidental Damage: Lessor may pay up to $1,000 for accidental damage to the property and contents of the property as defined below. In the event that damage or loss is not covered by the RnR Advantage Plan, Occupant will be liable for all costs to repair or replace the property. Occupant authorizes Lessor to charge the Occupant’s credit card to cover all costs not covered by the RnR Advantage Plan. If cost of replacement or repairs exceeds the Occupant’s credit limit, Occupant agrees to pay the difference using a different payment method within 7 days of notification.


Accidental Damage Terms and Conditions

 To qualify for Lessor’s payment of accidental damage up, the damage must be reported within 24-hours of occurrence, no later than time of departure.

 Items covered: Carpet spots, stained linens and towels, table ware, broken glasses/coffee mugs, cookware, appliance damage, decorative items, furniture damage, wall scratches or dents, flooring, broken window shades, sporting equipment, board games, and gaming equipment such as pool cues.

 Any covered damages that exceed $1,000 will be charged to the credit card on file.

 Items NOT covered: Excessive cleaning, pet damage, lost or missing items, theft, damage caused by negligence or not following provided instructions, landscaping damage, damage incurred from a breach of contract, damage caused while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damage caused from operation of a motorized vehicle by Occupant, damages related to smoking of any kind, damage to game tables or hot tub and hot tub covers, TV cable/satellite/movie or phone charges, failure to return keys/cards for the home, parking and amenity access passes. Any damage NOT reported by Occupant by the time of departure will not be covered. Major Appliance Failure: Occupant will receive a nightly credit of 50% off rent, not to exceed a maximum of $200/night, for each night a “Primary” major appliance is inoperable. Major appliances covered include oven, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer and hot tubs. This credit applies to the “primary” appliance in the home defined by the appliance in the primary kitchen and laundry room. Excludes jetted bathtubs and community facilities.




A. BREACHES / VIOLATIONS BY OCCUPANT: Lessor may terminate this Agreement, and Occupant will be required to immediately vacate the Property, forfeit all monies paid, and pay a fee of three (3) times the amount of the rental fee or two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), which ever amount is greater, with said fee immediately charged to Occupant’s credit card or echeck, should any of the following occur: (i) any house parties or  excessive noise emanating from the Property; (ii) any violations of the occupancy limits and parking restrictions; (iii) any use of the Property for any illegal activity, or in violation of any local, state, or federal, laws, including but not limited to, the possession, serving, or consumption of alcoholic beverages by or to persons less than 21 years of age; (iv) any use of the Property in violation of any rules or regulations of any applicable HOA or similar association; (v) any conduct or disturbances resulting in law enforcement being called or notified; (vi) damage to the Property or to any neighboring properties; (vii) any fighting, domestic abuse, excessive speeding on roads or waterways, or discharging of firearms, pellet or BB guns, or fireworks; or (viii) any disruptive behavior or other acts which interfere with neighbors' right to quiet enjoyment of their properties (occupancy and use of the Property shall not disturb or offend neighbors or residents).


B. CITATIONS ISSUED TO OCCUPANT, OWNER, OR LESSOR: Occupant agrees to pay any and all fees due to the City, County, and Home Owners Association for any citation issued to Occupant, guests of Occupant, Lessor, or the Property's owner(s) as a result of the actions of Occupant or the guests of Occupant. The city and county will issue citations that can exceed

$1,000 violating the rules below, plus you will be responsible for paying any fines assessed to the homeowner for your violation, including but not limited to $1,000 by the city and up to $1000 by the Property Owner's Association.

 Do not exceed the approved occupancy at any time

 Never park on any city street including in front of the vacation rental or any neighbors' property. Only park on paved driveways or in the garage (if available)

 Do not exceed the approved parking at any time

 Observe the 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM quiet hours (no noise outside the home) and keep your voices to a reasonable level at all hours. In the summer, be aware that open windows mean your voices will carry.

 Never leave trash outside the home unless it is in an approved "bear box" or trash bin.

 Do not pitch a tent or otherwise camp outside

 Private hot tubs may not be used and must be covered between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM



future rentals include but are not limited to damage and citations issued by City, County, and Home Owner Associations. Occupant agrees to be liable for consequential damages for up to 12 months of lost rental income if damage or citation(s) results in the revocation of the Property's vacation rental permit issued by the City, County, or Home Owner's Association.


D. HOLDING OVER / LATE CHECK-OUT: Occupant agrees that it will not “hold over” or occupy the Property beyond the approved checkout time on the date of departure without the express prior written consent of Lessor.

 Cleaning: Cleaning staff will arrive promptly at check-out time on the day of departure. Occupant shall be liable for a charge of $125/hour for each hour (or portion thereof) of holdover past check-out time. Cleaning staff has only a short time to clean the Property. Holding over for more than two (2) hours will result in an extra day’s rent charged to the credit card on file. 

 Damage Caused by Hold Over: Due to the nature of vacation rentals, Occupant agrees and acknowledges that any unauthorized holding over could cause Lessor to breach rental agreements with other guests; cause significant losses of rental income and to Lessor’s goodwill and reputation; result in significant relocation costs in securing alternative accommodations for impacted guests; and/or interfere with critical services,improvements, or repairs. Occupant acknowledges that all costs incurred due to a Hold Over will be charged to the Occupant and may constitute intentional/ tortious conduct giving rise to claims for punitive damages.

 Indemnification: Occupant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Lessor and its agents and the owner of the Property, from and against any and all claims, damages, actions, causes of action, suits, obligations, expenses, liabilities or demands including court costs and attorneys’ fees) which arise out of, relate to, or are in any way connected with any unauthorized hold over by Occupant. Occupant’s obligations shall include the payment of Lessor’s actual attorney’s fees.




  • Generally: Linens and bath towels are provided by Lessor.  Occupant will notify Lessor immediately if any amenities are not available, inoperable, or become inoperable. Internet access is password protected.  Pay per View TV.  There shall be no refunds or discounts if utilities/phone/internet/TV is not available or are inoperable.
  • Food Left by Prior Guests: Please note, on occasion prior guests may have left partial containers of condiments, spices, etc. Lessor assumes no responsibility for the quality or contents of any food products left on the Property, and Occupant’s use or consumption of same shall be at its own risk.
  • Particular Amenities: Occupant understands the Property may not have all items Occupant is accustomed to having in its own home.  Any specialty or particular items Occupant is accustomed to using should be brought by Occupant or purchased locally.
  • Missing Items: Occupant shall be responsible for the actual cost to replace any supplied item that is missing after check-out.
  • Additional Items: Lessor may provide items for Occupant’s use while enjoying the property including but not limited to binoculars, pool table and equipment, games, bicycles, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards, or beach towels.  If items are broken, lost or stolen during Occupant’s stay, Occupant will be held responsible for repair or replacement costs.  If Additional Items are provided at the Property, Occupant agrees to use all such items in accordance with all rules and regulations, to independently obtain/bring any safety equipment that is necessary, warranted or appropriate.
  • Barbeques/Fireplaces/Fires: Barbeque grills are not available in all rental properties. If propane barbecues are supplied, Lessor provides 1 or more tanks of propane.  It is Occupant's responsibility to provide firewood if needed for indoor wood burning fireplaces during their stay.  Occupant may request Lessor to obtain wood and agrees to pay an extra fee for the wood and service. IMPORTANT: OPEN FLAME FIRES ARE PROHIBITED OUTDOORS AND INDOORS. Only Propane or Electric BBQs provided by the Lessor or home owneer are acceptable for use at any time.  No cooking, fire, or heating devices of any kind may be brought into the home or on the property, including but not limited to BBQs, Smokers, Fire-pits, or Grills.  A $1000 fine will be charged to the Occupant by the Lessor for violation of these restrictions plus additional fines by government agencies or the HOA will be charged to the Occupant. Any costs for fire, smoke, or other damage shall be Occupant’s responsibility.
  • Pool/Hot Tub: If the Property includes a pool and/or hot tub, special instructions for safety and maintenance apply, and the failure to abide by these rules will result in additional charges.  If a pool/hot tub is improperly used and must be drained and refilled, extra maintenance costs will be charged to the Occupant. Occupant agrees to use the pool/hot tub in accordance with posted rules, and to follow all provided maintenance guidelines. Pools and hot tubs may be closed for maintenance, repair, weather, or by civic order.  No refunds or discounts will be granted for any closure of a pool or hot tub.

B.  RELEASE OF LIABILITY, INDEMNIFICATION: Lessor or its agents shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Occupant, or any other person or property, occurring on the property or any part thereof, during term of stay. Occupant agrees to hold Lessor or its agent(s) harmless from any claims for damages if caused solely or in part by the negligent acts by, or omissions of, Occupant or Occupant's guests. All Occupants and Occupant's guests shall be jointly and severally liable for all terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement. Occupant indemnifies and releases Lessor, Owner, and their agents from all liabilities relating to the use of the property.  This indemnification includes, but is not limited to the Property’s interior, exterior, ingress, egress, fixtures, appliances, heating and cooling systems, structures, and any common areas, stairways, piers and docks, beach, mooring buoys, fireplaces or fire pits, yard areas, barbeques, other amenities, and any swimming pools, hot tubs, surrounding areas, and associated equipment including but not limited to self-powered watercraft, bicycles, skateboards, or other items that may be ridden, equipment associated therewith or mounted thereon, including any safety equipment.

C. EPIDEMICS, PANDEMICS AND/OR COMMUNICABLE DESEASE OUTBREAKS INCLUDING COVID-19:   Occupant understands and agrees that they must take precautions and follow Federal, state and local guidelines to mitigate exposure and spread of disease.  Occupant agrees that anyone in their traveling party testing positive for Covid within 10 days of arrival will not enter the home unless they test negative prior to entering.  Occupant agrees to self-quarantine in the event they or anyone in their party exhibits symptoms of the COVID-19 virus or other pandemic disease. Occupant and all persons in their party agrees to hold Lessor or its agents(s) harmless from any and all loss, attorney's fees, expenses, or claims arising out of any claim relating to, or resulting from, any exposure or transmission of COVID-19 or other disease during Occupant's stay at the property.

D.  NO ASSIGNMENT/SUBLEASE: Occupant may not assign this Agreement or sublet the Property or any portion thereof without prior written consent of Lessor. Occupant must be present at the property during the Term. This Agreement may be assigned by Lessor, including, without limitation, to another management company or to the owner of the Property.


  • Attorneys’ Fees: In any action or proceeding between Occupant and Lessor arising out of or related to this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, subject to the mediation provisions set forth herein.
  • Forum Selection; Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of California (without regard to its conflict of laws provisions), and the exclusive forum and venue for any disputes arising hereunder or relating hereto shall be El Dorado County, California.
  • Successors and Assigns: This Agreement shall be binding upon Occupant, and Occupant’s successors, heirs, and assigns.
  • Integrated Agreement: This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all previous agreements between the parties.
  • Assignment: Lessor shall have the right to assign this Agreement upon providing notice to Occupant thereof (notice by email shall be sufficient).
  • Invalidity: In the event that any provision of this Agreement is held to be ineffective or invalid, the remaining provisions will nevertheless be given full force and effect.
  • Headings: All headings and subheadings in this Agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect the meaning of any provision hereof.

F.  MEDIATION: Occupant and Lessor agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them out of this Agreement before resorting to court action.  The mediation shall take place in El Dorado County before a “neutral” Mediator of Lessor’s choice.  Mediation costs/fees shall be divided equally among the parties.  If, for any dispute or claim to which this paragraph applies, any party commences an action without first attempting to resolve the matter through mediation, or refuses to mediate after a request has been made, that party shall not be entitled to recover attorneys’ fees, even if they would otherwise be available to that party in any such action.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, a party may initiate legal action without participating in mediation (and may recover attorneys’ fees incurred in the litigation if it is the prevailing party) to the extent it seeks immediate injunctive relief in good faith. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, Lessor (or the property owner) may commence any action in the event of any wrongful possession or holdover by Occupant.



  • Cancellation: Either party may cancel this Agreement by providing notice of cancellation to the other party in writing, including via email.
  • Refunds of rent, taxes, cleaning, and other fees are dependent on when the notice of cancellation is provided by Occupant.  If Occupant’s cancellation notice is received more than 60 days in advance of the Check-in Date, Lessor will refund all payments received at the time of cancellation   
  • If Occupant’s notice of cancellation is received less than sixty days prior to the Check-in Date and there is a Remaining Balance that has not been paid, Lessor shall retain all funds paid by Occupant as of the date of cancellation.  The failure to pay any Remaining Balance within sixty days of the Check-in Date shall constitute notice of cancellation.
  • If Occupant’s notice of cancellation is received less than sixty days prior to the Check-in Date and all payments have been made resulting in a 0 balance Lessor shall refund any taxes, booking and cleaning fees to Occupant and  Lessor will retain all remaining funds paid by Occupant as of the date of cancellation. Refunds will be provided within two weeks after Lessor receives notification of cancellation from Occupant.
  • Lessor may cancel this Agreement prior to Check-in if the Occupant does not meet the age requirements or the number of guests will exceed the approved occupancy listed in this agreement. Lessor will refund all Accomodation fees and taxes.     
  • Listing sites including but not limited to Airbnb and VRBO charge Service Fees to guests making reservations through their listing sites.  Such Service Fees are retained by the listing site and are only refundable by the listing site.  Lessor will not refund Service Fees charged by the listing site.
  • Unavailability: Occupant acknowledges that any number of events may preclude Lessor from delivering possession of the Property to Occupant, including, without limitation, sale, foreclosure, fire, mandatory evacuation, acts of nature, weather, construction delays, enactment or enforcement of restrictions on short-term or vacation rentals, governmental action, actions taken by HOAs or similar associations, or any other similar circumstances. If Lessor is unable to deliver possession of the Property at the start of the Term, this Agreement shall not be void or voidable by Occupant, but Occupant shall not be liable for any rent until possession is delivered. Lessor will engage in reasonable efforts to find comparable accommodations if unable to deliver possession.  Occupant may terminate this Agreement if possession is not delivered within 24 hours of the scheduled check-in.
  • Limitation of Liability: In the event Lessor is unable to deliver possession of the Property, or is precluded from doing so for any reason, Lessor shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, or damages of any kind incurred by Occupant.  In such an event, Occupant agrees that Lessor's sole liability shall be limited to a full refund of all payments received from Occupant. Occupant expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Lessor be liable for any consequential or secondary damages, including but not limited to, relocation or additional travel expenses, or any other loss. Occupant understands that while Lessor offers travel insurance, it is incumbent upon Occupant to research and obtain additional/appropriate forms of protection should it so desire, and that Occupant otherwise assumes the risks of unavailability.
  • “As Is” Rental: Occupant understands it is renting the Property on an “as is” basis.  Should Occupant become dissatisfied with the Property for any reason, Lessor will make every reasonable effort to resolve any specific problem(s). However, there shall be no refunds or relocations of any kind, in whole or in part, unless otherwise expressly provided herein. This refund policy shall apply, without limitation, to (i) any early departure/check-out by Occupant or shortened stay; (ii) any claims that the Property or amenities are unsatisfactory, inoperable, or otherwise defective (including, but not limited to, issues with Internet service, cable service, décor, appliances, utilities, plumbing, pests, the quality of furnishings/linens, pool, spa, etc.); (iii) adverse or unexpected road conditions, weather conditions or act of nature; (iv) any unforeseen circumstances due to financial, health or family emergencies, or (v) any other similar issues, complaints, or circumstances.


A refundable security deposit is required and is included in the Payment Schedule.  Any costs incurred due to damage that were not paid for by Occupant during their stay will be withheld from the Security Deposit.  Costs for additional cleaning of the home, if required beyond ordinary wear and tear, will be withheld from the Security Deposit.  Any costs for repairs or cleaning exceeding the Security Deposit and previous payments for repairs made by Occupant will be the financial responsibility of the Occupant. Any funds remaining in the Security Deposit not required to repair damage or for extra cleaning will be refunded within 21 days of departure.



Occupant must obtain and maintain a Renter's Insurance Policy for the full term of this agreement.  The Renter's Insurance Policy will provide minimum coverage of $25,000 for personal property and $100,000 for liability insurance.  Occupant is encouraged to discuss additional coverage with their insurance provider as may be appropriate for Occupant's needs. 



Occupant will email the names, residential address (no PO boxes), email, phone number and government issued photo IDs for all guests over the age of 17 that will be staying in the Property at any time.  This information must be emailed to Reservations@RnRVR.com 60 days prior to arrival.  Access to the Property will not be granted until this information has been received by Lessor.



  • Initial Deposit: Occupant shall pay an initial deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total Booking Charges at the time of booking (the “Initial Deposit”) via credit card or e-check.  Occupant understands that occupancy dates are not reserved or confirmed until Lessor receives both the Initial Deposit and a signed copy of this Agreement and that rental rates are subject to change without notice at any time prior to receiving both the signed agreement and Initial Deposit.
  • Remaining Balance:  The remaining balance of the Booking Charges and all Security Deposits shall be due sixty (60) days prior to the Check-in Date. Occupant agrees and acknowledges that the Remaining Balance will be automatically charged to Occupant’s credit card or e-check sixty (60) days prior to the Check-in Date without further notice.
  • Additional Payment Terms: If Occupant’s reservation is made sixty (60) days or less in advance of the Check-in Date, the Booking Charges and Security Deposits shall be paid in full via credit card or e-check.  In no event will Occupant be given access to the Property until the signed Agreement and Identification Requirements have been received by Lessor and Booking Charges are paid in full and cleared by Lessor’s banking institution.
  • Method of Payment: By entering into this Agreement and providing Occupant’s credit card information, Occupant expressly authorizes Lessor to charge Occupant’s credit card or e-check as set forth herein, and acknowledges that any such payment(s) will be automatically charged without further notice to Occupant. All payment(s) shall be non-refundable unless otherwise expressly provided herein. Occupant will pay Lessor a charge of $50 for each returned/dishonored payment.



There are no refunds of any kind due to cancellation outside of our cancellation policy or shortened stays for any reason.  Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance has been made available with your reservation. Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance can reimburse you for the nonrefundable deposits and other costs you’ve incurred when the unexpected happens and you must delay or cancel your travel.  We recommend you purchase this valuable protection.  If declined, you acknowledge you have read and understand our cancellation policy and choose not to purchase Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance on behalf of all occupants.  Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance plan and coverage questions can be answered by calling 1-866-889-7409. Click here to view the more information about the policy. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer or insurance agent or broker.



Approval Requirement: You must be 25 years of age or older and an Occupant during the entire Term Booking Online: By booking your reservation online, Occupant acknowledges that Occupant has read, understands, accepts and has received a copy of this Agreement in its entirety Payments: Occupant may make payments through the listing site or directly through Lessor. Occupant expressly authorizes Lessor to charge Occupant for fees and services set forth herein that have not been paid to the listing site. All payment(s) shall be non-refundable unless otherwise expressly provided herein. Occupant will pay Lessor a charge of $50 for each returned/dishonored payment.


Occupant acknowledges that Occupant has read, understands, accepts and has received a copy of this Agreement in its entirety and authorizes Lessor to use Occupant's phone and email for text, voice, and written communincation.